My baby pic.

Me, as a teeny bopper.

And then I grow'd up.
March, 1982

Aging gracefully, I hope. rofl

I immigrated to AW via the JunoDome in February of 2001 as TheRaven and became one of the Wallkeepers. After JunoDome closed, I wandered around AW without a home for several months when the unthinkable happened.... we lost Logan. in the Rhode Island night club fire. We petitioned AWI to open JunoDome for Logan.'s memorial service and they graciously did. I wrote the obit for Logan. in the March 2003 newsletter. One of the hardest things I ever had to do. Read it here

Here are some basic facts about myself.

I was born in March of 1957 and have lived in the Chicago area my entire life.

I am divorced, no kids. 5'8" tall. Brown hair. Green eyes.

I have been inconvenienced by multiple sclerosis since 1982.

My interests are music, reading about the paranormal, watching the Discovery channel, the History channel, TLC and the news. I also like chatting with people who are intelligent and have a good sense of humor.

"Macho men" and "tough guys" do not impress me.

I have a jpg Yard in AW
267.5N 1899.3W 0.2a 270

I have an Object Yard in AW
27430.68S 12595.47E 0.11a 179

I have a Texture Yard in AW
27371.67S 12646.21E 0.08a 180